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I dont want my sister to wear short clothes. What should i do?

My 16 year old sister wears clothes that show a lot of cleavage. She buys tank tops, short shorts, nini skirts and lingeries. She has body piercings and is also planning on getting a tattoo. My mom approves her choices and decisions but i dont't. What should I do to make her stop? She should be grounded.

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    i understand the concern because the choices she's making don't sound like the best but if your mom approves she most likely has a good reason and knows what she's doing. if you fell so strongly maybe you should have a talk with your sister or maybe your mom about how you feel

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    A 16 year old is extremely hard to control, and the only thing you really can do is openly share your concern for her decisions. Try not to be negative, judgemental, or confrontational, but try and influence her the best way you can without forcing her in the wrong dircection. You may want to talk to your mother about her decisions as well.

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    You need to get over yourself. She is your sister not your child and you do not have the right to try and dictate what she can and cannot wear. As long as she is a minor the only one who has any right to say something about her clothing is your parents. If your mom accepts it, that's all that matters. Your sister should not be grounded for her choIces but you should be grounded for overstepping your bounds.

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    Lighten the **** up. It's her frame, her existence. If your mother does not have a situation with it, and your sister desires to put on it, you've got obtained no position seeking to inform her what she will be able to and are not able to put on.

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    Tell her how you feel and leave her alone. She is 16 and I dont know how old you are but 10 or 20 dont mess with anyones choices

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    Make her to sit near you at free time and politely express your words so that she would accept what you want.

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    you should tell her that she is not a good influence and you dont feel comfortable. also that she will regret her decisions later in life

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    Back off. It's your mom's problem

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