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Bad weed expierence? (PLEASE HELP!!)?

So, I smoked pot with my friends and I took about 5-6 hits then I started feeling very happy and giggly and tingly.. Then a few minutes after that everything went bad. Everything went black for a few seconds and I felt like I was in a dream and I couldn't tell what was real or fake, like i was loosing touch with reality. Then I started screaming and crying because I thought I was never going to come out of the terrible state of mind I was in. My mouth was very dry .My heart was beating very fast, and my body was shaking uncontrollably it felt like i was having a panic attack , I also felt like I just wanted to kill myself.. This went on for about 5 hours. And NO the weed was not laced because everyone else I was with was perfectly fine. BUT I take Prozac 10milligrams daily. PLEASE HELP ON REASONS WHY THIS HAPPENED

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    It's just panicking while high. That happened to me my first time... idk if it was your first time but you didnt specify. typically feeling dreamy is what happens to me when I'm high, and it was extreme during my first high because it was my first time and I wasnt used to the effects. The only thing the prozac did was make it last for 5 hours. Otherwise, you just reacted differently.

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    It happens on pot and some people develop an anxiety and panic condition from it. You may have been taking the Prozac for that already. You can look up pot and panic and see there is a relationship. I don't know the biological reasons it happens but I know you should never smoke it again as it will happen just like it did only without the giggles. Good Luck!

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    You probably have anxiety. I have the same issue when I smoke weed ((I don't smoke it ever since I almost hit a seizure.)) however, if you choose to chance it, and you hit a bad high... ask for orange juice. it keeps you distracted, and downs your high. If you feel like you wont be able to ask ((I won't even talk while in this state)) pick some up before you smoke. You could also be allergic to the THC. After you feeling this way, I don't suggest you smoke it again, as it could be very dangerous.

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    I don't know if the Prozac would affect it or if you're just extra sensitive to weed - but don't do it again ; Sounds like a huge panic attack. Hope you're feeling better.

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