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Some cool unique animals?

For graduation and passing my regent and all that fun stuff ,my parents are letting me get an animal. It cant be a cat or a dog because i already have a dog and i dont want to threaten her with any more animals like that. It has to kinda be something i could keep in a cage, I ALREADY have a rabbit so i dont want like a chinchilla or ferret because i already own a cute little snuggle buddy. I mean like really unique, like a sloth or something but my mom would sh it her pants if i bought a sloth into the house, so any ideas? I have a micro pig in mind, but like i said it has to be kept in a cage or tank.

Also please dont say freaky snakes or lizards because they scare me so much , remind me of giant bugs o.O

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    Try an axolotl they are soooooo cute google it not sure how to look after one but I'm sure they don't cost too much! :)

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    We do not need bears in Brazil. Nor gray wolves (we have now most effective Guará Wolves, which seem like giant long legged tall foxes) we do have jaguars and mountain lions, but the mountain lions in south the us, despite the fact that belonging to the same species as those in the USA, are smaller. Possibly given that they've smaller prey? Additionally, no bisons or mooses in Brazil. And no bigfoots lol

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    Homosasquatches. Or a platypus. Part duck part beavveerrrr.

    Okay for real. Get a teacup Pigggg.! Awwwwww I love them :3

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    Hedgehogs! Defenetly! They are soo cute but if you want one you have to hold it alot if you want it to be friendly you can buy one for 200 on Ksl. Don't buy one from a petstore they may have Hedgehog wobbling syndrom! Good Luck

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