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How come in Genesis in bible it says day one is a day?

How can you have a day when . A. there is no sun moon or stars.. to calculte 24 hrs.. and the evening and morning were the first day> How can you have a day without earth,, sun,, ect?? makes no sense to me.


@actor. It says in bible "be not conformed by this world but by the renewing of your mind" rather seems to say we use our mind. or you seem to want me to follow you blindly. no thanks.

Update 2:

@Ann Ok still makes no sense. It says God is light. Yet God makes light.. then God makes planets out of nothing.. Yet what is God made up of Light? who or what created light? God create himself? "totally confused now

Update 3:

@bugsie Time is only relavant in a linear existance. God is suppose to be Eternal. "outside time" So how can something outside time.. relate to time? You said " a DAY simply means a set period of time. Did God go from being Eternal which is always the present moment and is no linear time to Having Time a linear existence in order to create? How long did God exist in this linear state before he said to himself "think I go create something? Since God isnt in time how does that work...

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    In Bible talk, no matter what you believe. God or no God.

    In Bible talk, the word DAY is a defined period of time.

    Not actually 24 hours.

    One answer said 1000 years is like a day in Gods eyes. sort off correct.

    Also, think about this,

    Do you use the expression? " In my grandparents day, this or that was done."?

    See what I mean? The word day can mean a defined time period, not exactly 24 hours.

    In the Days of our forefathers the bible was taken seriously! Again, see what I mean, a DAY simply means a set period of time.

    A word that has similar multiple uses is the word HEART.

    An organ, an emotion, deepest thought....many ways to use BOTH WORDS, and used many ways in the bible

    Source(s): I am not trying to convert or change anything. Not my interest, This is just an exersize in word play
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    what you're doing is thinking as was intended by Bible writers. in order to understand Creation, you would have to do a lot of thinking. so instead of just accepting what is told, it shows your mind is doing more than just hearing the story.

    God had no time at first. that is one answer. the measure of that "day" was the measure of what makes anything pass through time. and God created this feature of the universe.

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    day 1 god starts the earth rotating on its axis for the 24 hour day

    genesis stats with the earth already here

    the land is submerged under water

    you do not need to have the sun or stars to have the earth to rotate on its axis

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  • 9 years ago

    A day to God is 1000 years of man's time table.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He also called the light "day", not just an evening-morning cycle.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    "Day" was the period of light

    "Night" was the period on darkness

    They weren't necessarily 24 hour days.

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    Must be it wasnt a 24 hr day then. God doesn;t mark time like we do. He starts with evening and darkness.

  • 9 years ago

    probably just being consistant to the length of a day later.

  • 9 years ago

    Because day one was a day?

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