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I can't tell if he likes me or not. Any ideas?

I can't tell if he likes me or not. Tips?

There's this boy I like. He always teases me, and plays footsy with me and stuff. He talks and jokes with me a lot. But I can't tell if he likes me. Any ideas?

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Okay, I should add some more. I'm super duper shy, so if I asked this guy I would probably have a heart attack, die right one the spot, and never here the answer. I'm sorry, I also can't hug him. That goes with my shyness.

Okay here's some more: We text and stuff, and he's always really kind and funny. He'll ask a lot of questions and stuff and we stayed up late talking even though we were both super busy the next day. It's all so confusing!

He's always stands up for me and stuff. If people are teasing me or something he'll go" Hey, ( My Name)'s nice, leave her alone." or one time I was joking around with my science teacher trying to get an extra point back on a test, and my crush said," She's nice, give her the point" or something like that.


okay here's another thing: so we have texted twice. I have a lot of people saying he likes me, but then while won't he text me. if you were a guy and you liked a girl wouldn't you text her? And both times we texted, I had to start it, but he was always so nice when we talked. And then he just quit texting me in the middle of the second time? And we had only talked for like 5 minutes. I'm soooo confoozled!

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    Yep he totally likes you :) He seems outgoing?? Maybe in your shy way show him that you like him and act nice back to him. It seems that you two are comfortable around each other so just hint it to him!

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    I think he likes you, if he didn't like you he definitely would not stay up all night talking to you and he sticks up for, I think you should hug him or something to try and see how he reacts (just hug him after school when your leaving to say goodbye). Just don't get too clingy with him or that might freak him out a bit.

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    He likes you. You have to show him that you like him and don't be as shy and standoffish. Flirt when you get the chance. And if he asks you to hangout or something don't turn him down no matter how shy you are.

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    he likes you :) just get really friendly with him and flirt with him without making it too moticable to anyone else, be extra nice to him than anyone else and he might text you or even ask you out face to face :) hope ye do good look :D

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    he likes you. tell him be direct with him

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