Aquarius guy and their disappearing act?

I really like this Aqua guy and we are very much attracted to each other.However,he suddenly pulled the disappearing act and I felt devastated and tried to reach out but he did not come back.Suddenly after 2 months he msged me and things were fine.Even the last msg which he sent was quite sweet and then Lo! he is gone again.I got tired and I quit trying to reach out to him.It has been more than 5 months.Is it over or is he going to suddenly come back just like some typical Aquas?


People who believe in horoscopes ONLY answer.thank you.

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    9 years ago
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    I am curious to know what's your sign? But to answer your question this is very normal for aquarius men. It not easy to excepted the fact that you can really like someone and boom they disappear. He will reach out to you but you have to be strong and treat him the way he treated you. It sounds childish but that's the only to gain his attention. I go through the same issues with my Aqua guy, he disappears often but when he comes around I just ignore him, until I'm ready. It's very challenging but only the strongest win..

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  • I'm an Aqua myself.

    Aquarius people disappear out of the blue all the time and then return like nothing ever happened, getting back to where they left off. In a relationship, an Aqua will still be pretty aloof and may even seem to be occupied with other things other than you. It takes someone who's patient and needs some space as well to understand this. Btw, the less uninterested of them you seem, the more interested an Aqua will be of you. If you can't handle such, then an Aqua is not for you or else you'll be hurt a lot. =(

    I used to date a Virgo, but he was very demanding of attention and disliked me being aloof or wanting to focus on other things other than him. That didn't work out at all, but now I'm with a Gemini and he understands. He also drives me crazy because he can seem so uninterested or occupied with something else, which makes me cling to him more; it's a nice middle. My guy friend who's an Aqua experienced the same thing.

  • 9 years ago

    What is your sign? I would say to try your best and forget about this guy. He probably is very charming as alot of Aqua men are, but if you cant deal with his constant state of aloofness and off to another world mindstate then he is not the man for me.

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    There's no such thing as a typical Aquarius person. Horoscopes are nonsense. You'd do far better to take this person as he is and stop trying to figure him out using some made-up personality profile that doesn't mean anything.

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  • 9 years ago

    Loll Aquariuses are quite know for doing those things.... I guess he just needs some space

    Its typical Aquarius behavior

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