Marilyn Monroe party help!?


1.Im turnign fifteen and I want a Marilyn Monroe theme. Not hollywood or anything JUST MARILYN MONROE! So for your help I want to know wear I can find decorations. *Its a small in my backyard kind of party*

2.What colors would you chose?

3. Even though im not having a HUGE party im still gonna have pictures so I need a dress! Wear IN MIAMI do you know I could find a dress! HAS TO BE IN MIAMI! Has to be a store not online

4.I want like a small cute dress for the party. It has to bve a store located IN MIAMI!

Thanks in advance guys! (:

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  • 9 years ago
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    Of course Marilyn was huge in the 50's and 60's, so most of her pictures are black and white. You can do a black & white themed party, and throw another color in like hot pink or red (Marilyn was known for loving alot of color).

    You can get shoe decorations, lips, paint a mole on your girlfriends' faces and really cute stuff like that. Posters and pictures of Marilyn can be used, as well as cameras and stars. Perfume bottles and makeup can be used to decorate, too.

    Marilyn's signature dress was the white halter dress (of course) but her favorite dresses were boatneck wiggle dresses that went down to the knee. They were usually cap sleeve dresses with a cinched in waist. Browse eBay or Pinterest for dress ideas and go from there.

    It sounds like a really great idea for a party!! Good luck with it and Happy early Birthday!!!

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  • 4 years ago

    O wow - sounds like a ton of fun!!! Exhibit Marilyn Monroe films, of course - that's an essential! Serve 50s & 60s stimulated cocktails & snacks - examine out nearby flea markets for serving dishes that seem "cool" from that technology. There is a situation in Tappahannock VA that has a lifesized MM statue on its front porch within the basic Seven yr Itch pose - you could buy that & have it at the celebration! Lol Have the females at the celebration dress like Marilyn, I dunno in regards to the men - they might come as her husbands/boyfriends maybe. Verify on=line & see if any person has posters of MM you might put on the walls - possibly verify out some photograph books from the library & open them to pics of her. Might be make a drink that's in her reminiscence - name it Some adore it sizzling cocktail & make it with cinnamon schnapps!! The Misfits martini, even!! Feels like fun - have a blast!!! P.S. - i do know - have a contest & see who can sing joyful Birthday Mr President the sexiest!!! That would be the excellent - then award them a MM prize p.C. Or some thing cool!!!!

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