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Swimming with a period?

I haven't gotten my period yet, but I'm just worried I will get it in the pool.

I am in the pool for most of the day, mon-thurs day 10-12, then 1-3. I teach lessons to little kids in an indoor pool. I have hair and I am just really worried. I haven't ever gotten a period, but suspect I am close. What should I do?

My suits are all really dark, but my main concern is the blood in the water...

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    First off, your period becomes lighter in the water, so I dont think there will be a lot. But I would suggest wearing a very thin panty liner when you REALLY feel like you are going to get it. When I got my first period I didnt feel it at all and there was not a lot of blood. DO NOT use a tampon though, it itsnt safe to use one when your not on your period. Hope this helped:)

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    Weeeeeell... The only thing i can really suggest is a female period cup.. But that would stick out. And i wouldnt advise wearing a tampon, because if you dont get your period, it can be hard and painful to remove.

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