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Do you have to pay insurance on a car that does not run?

I plan on purchasing a salvage car by the end of this year. It will be unable to run, but you know how the State of California is. Do I have to pay insurance or registration on it until it works? I don't want to waste my money by putting it into the pockets of the government.

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    When you acquire this car register it as "Non Op" That puts it in the system, but you don't need insurance on it, or a Emissions Certificate. A "Non Op" is roughly $15-20 a year , and keeps you legal with Governor Moonbeam. . Once you put it in running order you can take it out of Non Op status, and won't have to pay any back registration fees.

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    So long as it never touches a public road you do not need to register it, pay insurance for it, or anything other than holding its title. You do however need to transfer the title for the vehicle into your name.

    The second one of its tires touches a public road however it must be fully registered, insured, and inspected.

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