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Stafford Loan Exit Counseling?

I transferred schools this past January and now I got a notification to complete exit counseling because the gov things I'm not enrolled in school anymore? How do I go about telling them that I'm enrolled elsewhere? I completed the FAFSA with my new school so I don't understand why I got this notification...

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    It's just an automatic notification. Right now, even though you may have sent a FAFSA to another school, you are in the grace period for your loans from the first school. Whenever a student graduates or stops attending school, you are required to participate in exit counseling so you will have information about your loans and your rights and responsibilities concerning repayment. Once you start classes in your new school, you can apply for an in-school deferment that will postpone your having to begin repayment. However, since the Dept. of Ed. doesn't know whether you will actually start or not, they are sending you the notice so you have access to the information before your grace period expires.

    Even if you're planning to return to school and defer your loans, it's a good idea to take the exit counseling anyway. It doesn't take long, and it gives you a good idea of where you stand now, what you need to do, and what your rights are if you have an issue with the first school.

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    you got this notification because your old school reported to the Dept of Education you left. It is YOUR responsibility to contact your lenders and tell them (and prove to them) you are still enrolled. Call them, they aren't going to bother calling you. You also need to be aware that if you don't your payments WILL be expected and when you don't pay they will start counting down the months til you go into default. You would think that everyone talks to each other regarding your continued enrollment. But they DON'T.

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