What to bring to college summer school?

I will be attending the summer session class at UConn. Will be doing it at the Storrs campus, just trying to get some credits out of the way first. Just so you know, I am a freshman at UConn. My class is Mon-Fri and 3 hours each day. The summer session I have is for 3 weeks only.

I am from out of state, all the way down south from Texas. So will be hard to bring too much to Connecticut. Just wanted to know what's the recommendations for stuffs I should bring to summer school?

I know the basics: computer, clothes, pen/papers, printer, bedding. But is there anything else that might be recommended for me to bring? I know weather up north can be cool in the summer but can varies.

Thanks !

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  • 9 years ago
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    see if your dorm is air conditioned ( if it isn't buy a fan). Northeast summers are usually hot and humid so any cooling equipment is beneficial (maybe even a laptop cooling fan). If the college isnt offering a meal plan I would say buy a lot of non perishable items.

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