what would you do in this situation?

my boyfriend of 2 years is going to jail in a few months. im 19, hes 24. ive never been single, always long term after long term relationship. i do want to spend the rest of my life with him, but know that i need some "me time" & do my own thing for awhile.

so i told him even if that 1% chance he doesn't go to jail, i need a short break. he freaked out. went & message'd a whole bunch of girls creeping on them, but 1 in particular he message'd his ex saying he loves her & misses her & she was so cool & wants to be her friend. also said he wishes her brother didn't make them date & rush into it cause it ruined a friendship. but he was saying a whole bunch of miss you's & asking her to go to a concert with him cause he know's she loves to dance..... i found it & got over it.

last night i asked to read it again (cause i thought it said something else, needed closure) he got REAL defensive before i said a word. freaking out about what everything meant, i was asking him to calm down & i've never seen someone get so weird. told me he'll have her resend the full thing (cause he thought he deleted the main paragraph supposedly but it was there) so that i don't mix up the words. then after 5 minutes of him saying read it, then extracting his statement once i started to, i got to the bottom where he asked her to meet him at a club (he asked me to go tht day, i said no im tired, then changed my mind right before we left & went)

i started crying about that. he told me tht he asked her to go there to meet me. to show me she's cool. i'm like you have to think i'm retarded to beleive that. i was just so upset the other night you said those things to her, we had a huge fight. OBVIOUSLY, i'm not gonna want you to surprise bring her to a club to meet me ?? (to meet us there) he says that it was my plan to go the whole day & i never said i wasn't gonna go.... does anyone understand it from his point of view? he says sorry im dumb & i thought you wouldnt care....

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    he sounds like a total jack as.s when a guy gets like that you should just dump him no matter what it means he's cheating on you so dump him.

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