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1990 Lexus Over a 2004 Dodge Dakota?

Both cars are $300 a month. I realize this is a high payment, but I have no credit, so I had to go to a buy here pay here lot. The truck is supposed to be $400 a month, but I'm able to bring it down to $300 cause I know someone there.

Here are the specs:

1990 Lexus ES250, white. 140k miles. Runs perfect. Recently got a new: Radiator, starter, timing belt, water pump, and AC compressor.

2004 Dodge Dakota SXT, red. V6, 80k miles. Club. Also runs great...but here's the thing. I hate red cars...and I don't think I need a truck, I'm a white collar guy. Bad MPG too.

Question is, given that the truck is worth more...would I be crazy for taking the car?

Thanks for any input.

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    i will take the lexus, stay away from american cars cause they will break down/cheaply made, but i would go car a little bit newer 1990 is kinda old

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