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What exercise balls work best for hedgehogs?

I want to buy an exercise ball for my hedgehog but I'm concerned his feet might get caught in the air holes. What exercise ball is most recommended for hedgehogs?

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    There isn't one. Aside from toenails getting caught and ripped out in the ventilation holes, there's inadequate ventilation period, and as they tend to poop and pee on the run, they can turn into a hedgehog waste distribution machine all over your carpet, let alone the poor hedgehog being trapped in a washing machine of its own waste. Not recommended. Get a sturdy bucket wheel (Carolina Storm) instead for exercise.

    You can create a small play area using plastic storage 'cube' panels on a blanket on the floor for free range exercise, but always inspect your hedgehog's legs and feet after play time outside as they are prone to getting hairs/fibers wrapped around their feet and legs. Some hedgehogs have had to have feet and legs amputatated as their owners never paid attention until it was too late.

    Source(s): 15 years and over a dozen hedgehogs of experience, including rescue. For the best hedgehog care information, please visit the International Hedgehog Association ( and the Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group (,/ and consider joining the forums at Hedgehog Central ( and/or Chins-n-Hedgies (
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    Hedgehog Exercise Ball

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    Balls are not good for headgehogs. Most hog owners use a kids wading pool set up on the floor for their pet to exercise in safely. You can put small boxes and towels in there for them to use, and know that they're safely contained in a nice exercise area.

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    DO NOT USE EXERCISE BALLS!!! THEY WILL KILL YOUR HEDGEHOG. I know many people that have killed their hedgehog from that. I wish you could, and I am sorry that you can't but if you really love your hedgie you will not put it in it. I hope I helped.

    P.S: If your hedgie needs exercise use a storm bucket wheel it is the safest wheel:)

    Source(s): I have a hedgehog, I have done A LOT of research:p
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    Gini pig balls

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    The Bigger the better :P

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