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What did he mean when he said this?

My friend and I were talking over breakfast, and he said that, since I'm so easy to please, I seem like I'm actually hard to please.

Although I think the statement was meant to be general, this was in the context of him apologizing for not really cooking the eggs as well as he could have, and I had said that they taste great anyway, and I just appreciate that he even made the effort in the first place.

So I don't really understand what he means. I'm wondering if I just always seem somehow ungrateful, even though I thank people sincerely. Can someone help explain?


To clarify one small point, I don't say what I don't mean, so for example, if the eggs were bad, I would've left out the compliment and just thanked him. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

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    9 years ago
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    Because it's so easy to please you, going above and beyond seems like a waste.

    Basically, if someone wanted to blow you away, all they'd have to do is something small. Typically, we try to please people in a way we would want to be pleased. So when he tries to do something huge, get everything right, and really knock your socks off, he would get the same reaction if he did something smaller.

    It's not to say you're ungrateful, it's more like you're too grateful. A little trinket would get the same reaction as a diamond ring, so to speak.

    Pro Tip: He wants to get all up in you.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think maybe he means that because you never express your real opinion, he can never tell whether he's really pleased you or not. I know people like that. Whatever you do, they say it's ok, so you don't know if they really like it or they're just being nice.

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