My pokemon arent allowed to battle online, i dont hack, and no one has sky drop, why cant i battle?

Here is my pokemon team, NOT hacked( all but blaziken is shiny, also all but blaziken are level 100, Blaziken is level 52 due to my laziness)


Bullet Punch



Brick Break ( item:Silverpowder)


Rock Wrecker


Stone Edge

Earthquake(Item:Earth Plate)



Dragon Claw

Shadow Claw

Stone Edge (Item:Rocky Helmet)


Shadow Ball



Protect (Item: Spooky Plate)


Brick Break

Blaze Kick

Brave Bird

Stone Edge (Item: Sky Plate)


Rain Dance


Energy Ball

Surf (Item: Leftovers)

That's my team, i know moves learned in only a certain generation is banned and no pokemon can hold the same item, are the plates considered the same? I also want to know the moveset, i think one of the moves is in that "certain generation" Ive looked for days and couldn't find which pokemon it is, can somebody check for me?(If anyone wants to battle after helping me ill share my friendcode in the response) I need a quick response because i am tiring of all this frustration, can anyone help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It might be because your rypherior knows rock wrecker, but I'm not sure.

    One problem I've found with pokemon wifi is that it's not IF you cheat, but if it LOOKS like you're cheating. the fact that most of your pokemon are shiny and lv100 makes it look like a hacked team trying to pass as a regular team. You might actually be able to fix that by hacking blaziken to be lv100 and shiny. (I have no idea why that works, but it's easier for a completely hacked team to battle over wifi that a partial hacked one. or one that seems hacked) Or it might be better to hack the others to remove their shiny status, or bring them down a couple of levels.

    what is the message that comes up when you try to wifi battle?

  • 4 years ago

    Do any of your pokemon have targeted ribbons? When you transferred them from the older games, then they would have ribbons (e.G. Contest ribbons from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; targeted ribbons on detailed occasion pokemon; or hall of repute ribbons after defeating the Elite 4). Any pokemon with ribbons don't seem to be allowed online. I do not know why. It drives me loopy. >_<

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