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Opinions on the name Asher?

Bonus: Any ideas for middle names?


To Sam Lives in a Yellow Submarine: Thanks for pointing that out. I was going to state that it was for a boy, but I assumed people already knew that.

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    I kinda like it, for someone else. It's a rare Bible name, so in the same category as Elijah and Levi. My cousin named her son Asher James, so he's who I think of first. Maybe Asher Nathaniel or Asher Scott?

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    Asher Henry

    Asher Daniel

    Asher Dillon

    Asher Jeremiah

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    What popped up immediately into my head after reading the name was that annoying rapper named Asher Roth with the stupid song he did..i think it was called "I Love College"

    other than that,

    Asher Charles.

    Asher Jace.

    Asher Dominic.

    Asher Knox.

    Asher Patrick.

    Asher Donovan.

    Asher Joel.

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    Sadie, it's a boy's name.

    It's cute. Asher Lucas.

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    Asher Marie. It's a very unique name!

    Sam- it can be a girl's name too so please leave me alone. I did not ask you.

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