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I want to have clown fish?

So for my birthday I asked for 2 clownfish can they go in a 10 to 20 gallon tank? Plus i'm pretty new in saltwater.

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    Yes, but I would go with the 20, as it's a more stable environment, meaning changes should happen slowly enough for you to catch any problems if you're on the ball. Before buying clowns, however, the tank should be matured or "run-in" first.

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    I would suggest try some research about their ph in water and some water problems especially when they get ick..BTW,a minimum gal.tank of 1 clownfish adult is 20 gal. but 2 clownfish can be good in 20 gal. and clownfish can be more aggressive and territorial as they grow..Female clownfish are bigger than male..good luck and happy b-day!!

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    Hia, I am new to it too and will be getting a few Clowns at the Repticon. I am getting a 5 gal for two... so I think yours should be fine in a 10.

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    Why don't you just ask for a pony like normal kids!

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