Is this friendship worth regaining?

So i made these friends awhile ago. I LOVED hanging out with them. There were two of them, lets call the first one Jane, and the other one was her younger brother, lets call him john. I always felt like i was the one who was "reaching out", i was always the one who struck up a conversation with them, who emailed them, and made plans. But they always said they loved hanging out with me, which is why it confused me, since i always felt like they had no interest in me, because they never bothered to make plans to see me or talk to me or anything. John was the only one who ever bothered to email me once in awhile, and sometimes he'd call me and make plans to see me, but was only if Jane was visiting friends from out of state (she has lots of friends from other states and visits them from time to time). Jane was very bossy and whenever i saw her she kind of controlled everything we did, she convinced me that my old friends were lame and i should hang out with her and her ''cool'' friends and she got annoyed since i liked hanging out with her little brother (hes only a year younger) so he made sure she wasnt around whenever he made plans to see me. I noticed whenever i hung out with him and Jane was out of town, i was wayyyy more comfortbale. But that was all alst summer, and when this past school year began, Jane and i started high school, while john was still stuck in the last year of middle school. Suddenly i could NEVER see him. I felt bad, but i noticed after i couldnt hang out with BOTH Jane and john, i had no interest in hanging out with Jane. Slowly i drifted away from her, but her and john are like a package deal, you lose one you lose both. So it hurt. I've tried making new friends, but I've never had as much fun as i did with john. I miss him so much and i hate that i drifted away, it wasnt because of him, but he doesnt know that. Since he's gonna be in high school this year, ill actually have a chance to see him, because i miss him so much, but like i said, john and jane are a package deal. So if i wanna see him again, im stuck with Jane too. I'd just hate to lose a good friend like him. If i was hurt, he always said "whoever hurt you, ill kick his ***!" while jane would say "You need to stop being so whiny!". It's been months since ive talked to him, so i know he has probably made new friends. But anyways, is his friendship worth regaining, even if it means i have to hang out with Jane?

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you do like Jon and would do anything for a "true" friend I suggest do the risk no matter what the cost is nothing is worth losing a good friend like Jon, just go through with it it can't be painful hanging out with Jane it is painful to lose a good friend.

    My answer might be way off (I think) but I tried :)

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