which one is more compatible with me?


Birthdate: 3rd.Jan.1990

Rising: Libra

Sun: Capricorn

Moon: Pisces




first person:

Birthdate: 23th.Oct.1984

Sun: Libra ( I guess)

Moon: Libra


Mars: Capricorn

Mercury: Scorpio

Second person:

Birthdate: 21th.Nov.1984

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Scorpio




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  • VS
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    9 years ago
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    with FIRST person 93% compatibility

    Both individuals are very loyal and serious in relationships and not afraid of commitment. Scorpio will like Capricorn's stability and practicality, whilst Capricorn will be able to open up to Scorpio's passion. The chemistry will be strong but might take a while to develop, since both individuals do not open up easily. Because the two want the same things, as far as love matters are concerned, they will usually find in each other a great partner, and the differences between them will only add some minor challenges, which will spice up the relationship, and not endanger it. Overall, it is a wonderful match.

    With 2nd Peraon

    Nearly same as above

    For better accuracy give their Time of Births and Place of Births

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Astrologers do not compare signs in order to determine compatbility.

    Oh, Sun-sign astrologers do, but that is not real astrology, and the results of Sun-sign astrology do not work in real life.

    I'm so sorry, but if you want valid answers, the information you have provided is useless.

    If you want to use astrology to determine compatibility, this is what you do:

    (1) Find out the full birth date, accurate birth time, and city of birth for both individuals.

    (2) Go to this site and plug in the birth data. At the end of the resultant page, you will find a list of aspects between the charts. Copy this list:


    (3) With your list of aspects in hand, go to this second website, and use their "score sheet" approach for determining compatibility. Don't be bothered by the lack of aspects using midpoints .. most astrologers don't use them anyway:


  • 9 years ago

    They both actuallyw ould work pretty well but the 2nd one would fit in my opinion nicely. All relationships require work and no one is perfect but the 2nd one would come more natural to you.

  • Lea
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    9 years ago

    both of them i think...but i think second is better, earth signs are very compatible to water signs also he has scorpio moon and you have pisces moon....both water signs...but first person is compatible too, libra is very peaceful sign...and is usually compatible with everyone:DDD

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  • 9 years ago

    2nd person fits better I think!

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