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Is it possible all science and religion could be the result of Apophenia - that maybe everything is anecdotal?

Apophenia defined for those unfamiliar.



I am not going to lower the bar for you on this, there is a very active world that is far more subtle than what you are saying, observing an effect says nothing about its cause.

You misunderstood the question.

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    I drop my little sister and a brick of the 3rd floor.

    They both hit at the same time.

    Thats evidence of gravity and its causal effect to me.

    EDIT The cause of them falling was gravity's measurable effect on them falling. I am sorry my example was not high brow enough for you however I dispute your claim it did not answer the question.

    And it was an accurate account not an anecdote.

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    9 years ago

    Superstition and religions are results of this, but not science. Science can't be because of the fact experiments work to prove or disprove things.

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