My Parents don't want me to "grow up"?

I am 16, I date and have friends and everything. My parents don't really even notice the fact that I want to have the oppourtunity to act like a teenager. They let me hangout with friends and everything, but never guys. If I ever asked them to hangout with a guy, they would think I was dumb. I never really have any chance with a good relationship due to that unless im at school. They know I date and I have a few friends that do stuff they shouldn't, but they do trust me with them. They just don't realize im growing up and im a teenager. How do I like get it into them? They expect me to stay home constantly and not have like any contact. What should I do?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you should sit down at the table with your parents. And tell them where your at the age now where your a teenager and you want to go and have fun. Tell them you dont have to let me go but you gotta let me grow!

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