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Why do parents take their young children to a gay pride celebration?

Parents and their young children marched in today's gay pride parade in San Francisco, while other parents and their young children were spectators at the parade. Why do parents take their young children to a gay pride celebration?

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    Why? Simply because they are good parents who are trying to teach their children to love and accept everyone even if they do not practice that life style themselves. Empathy not hate.

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    This is a controversial thing.

    They are the parent though, and if the parent feels its okay then its okay.

    I think its alright too, as long as alcohol isnt being sold.

    Gay people are people too, and kids just as adults need to understand that.

    Just because you have different feelings from the norm doesnt mean you should be punished or looked down upon.

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    Our social gathering in lots of circumstances has little ones in strollers with 2 mommies or 2 daddies. yet rapidly supporters additionally deliver their little ones so as that the little ones can see gays are to not be feared. those little ones will strengthen up associating gay those with a exciting day in the park, with track and festivities.

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    Some of these children are have gay and lesbian relatives and it lets the child know what's out there.

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  • 9 years ago

    Because they want there children to know that its ok

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    I guess so they understand more about gay people and that its okay to be gay/bi/transgender, so they wont grow up to be judgemental or homophobic.

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    They want gay kids. To avoid grandkids

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    They want them to be well rounded.

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    Because they can? Idk, maybe they want to teach their kids that homosexual people are people too.

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