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diet pills for teenage girls.....?

don't have a panic attack. I am 13 but I am NOT in any way going to or thinking about using diet pills. I was just curious - is it healthy for teenage girls to use them? I'd suppose not considering they are meant for people 18 and up. but why are they unhealthy for kids and teenagers, and what damaging effects do they have on an adolescent's body? please enlighten me.

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    It is only regarded as unhealthy because teenagers are still growing and many diet pills contain unhealthy substances and even hormones in some products that will mess with a young person's internal systems (be it hormonal, regulatory, etc.) They can cause a whole whack of bad symptoms, widely dependent on the type of pill. Companies put these health warnings on the product because they don't want to be held accountable for bad reactions, etc. that young people may have if they take them (because obviously they are not tested on underage people). Also, it is just considered negative for a young person to fixate on weight because it is psychologically unhealthy at a young age, when physical changes (height and weight) are fluctuating constantly. It's just healthier for teens to focus on living their lives while they're still young). :)

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    No, it is not riskless. No weight loss plan pill is riskless. They all say they're or will work in 30 days or anything, however actually after you take the weight loss program drugs and while you discontinue, your weight will be back to the place it used to be before otherwise you might get even better that what you had been before. Trust me it isn't dependable to take weight loss plan tablets specially for a 15 12 months historical. You might be nonetheless young and are still developing. Do not take them. As an alternative just watch your calorie intake and do some excersize even though it's only climbing up and down u r stairs at house. That's some type of excersize for you.

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    Many are safe, all are pretty useless and for the under 18s the only safe way to lose weight is with the supervision of a doctor and/or dietitian. During the teenage years you are growing and developing, it's safer to aim at not putting on more weight.

    As you get taller your BMI levels out.


    Cut right back on cookies, candy, added sugar, fried and fast food.

    Fill up on whole grains (bread, cereal), lean protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

    Good snacks, dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, a banana.

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