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would you be committed if you talked to your therapist about supernatural phenomena?

i know she has mentioned "spiritual" things.. so i know she believes in spirits but i feel as though if i tell her about certain instances that have happened to me such as premonitions in dreams, or strange events that i can't explain (i'm not religious... i actually consider myself an atheist and just don't know what to think about these certain things) would she take it as me just being insane and almost schizophrenic and have me committed ? i don't have time for all that, i just want to be able to sleep at night and this is one of the things that keeps me awake with horrible insomnia.

to the militant atheists that are going to say "you're not an atheist if you think their is a possiblility of spirits".. wrong.. being an atheist simply means you do not believe in a god or follow dogma, nothing more, nothing less. I am not attributing the things that have happened to me to a man made god or dogma... i just don't know what to attribute them to in general.. they are just there.

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    I am an atheist and I also believe in the paranormal (well, I'd like to believe in it). The paranormal doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be related to god.

    As for the question. No you will not be committed. They do not have the right to do so. And unless you have other serious symptoms of schizophrenia it wont happen.

    At the same time there will be some therapists just like other people who will be open to discussing it more than others.

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    Did the kids listen the voice? No? All to your head. You could have spotted the automobile subconsciously and a "voice" was once the fastest means your mind would react. Many reasons are feasible with out invoking the "supernatural". Edit: So you undergo from tunnel imaginative and prescient? Your peripheral imaginative and prescient reaches farther circular than you appreciate - practically a hundred and eighty levels. I'm bit doubtful approximately your description, too. If you slammed to your brakes, but the motorbike was once best "a couple of ft" from you while it was once hit...... you understand how quick motorcycles speed up in comparison to automobiles? Even a 125cc motorbike can simply beat a automobile over the primary 20-30 yards.

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    If you are being harrassed by demons, command them to leave in the name of Jesus. They believe it!

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