Where did these family last names come from? Countrywise?












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    These surnames mainly originated from Prussia ( so today's Germany and Hungary etc) and the British Isles....................... however that doesn't mean that is where the people who used those surnames came from....so you would need to research your ancestry to find out about the peoples origins.............

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    Here's what I know

    Eddings: England

    Ludwig: Germany

    Hahs: Germany

    Schoen: Could be German, Dutch, or Jewish

    Fronabargar: ?

    Page: Most likely Ireland, as it's been established there since the 1600's

    Magee: Scottish or Irish

    Stith: England


    Statler: Germany

    Leimbach: Germany

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    Magees came from England, Ireland, Germany and Canada. Statlers came from Germany, Austria, England, Hungary, Holland, Ireland and France. Pages came from England, Ireland and France. Many Hahs lived in Missouri and the name could be a variant of Haws or Haas.

    If you are trying to trace your ancestors, you will have to do the research. Just looking where a name may come from will not tell you where your great great grandparents came from.

    Source(s): ancestry.com
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    Eddings Name Meaning

    English: patronymic from the Old English personal name Eadda.

    Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

    I used


    It is free, although if you click on any of the links you'll get an offer to learn much more, either as a subscriber or on a free 14-day trial. I'll let you look up the rest; no sense in my having all of the fun.

    "Patronymic" is a $14 word that means "from the father", like "Williamson", "Williams" and "Wilson", which all mean "son of William."

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