Piano Pieces for me to learn...?

I am looking for something like the following piano pieces:

Invention no.13 - JS Bach

Solfeggietto - CPE Bach

Ligeti Etude no.13 (if you know where I can find a MIDI for this one I would be supremely grateful)

Moonlight Sonata 3rd. Movement - Beethoven

Appassionata 3rd. Movement - Beethoven

Scriabin Etude op.42 no.5 - Scriabin

Bits and pieces of "Toccata and Fugue" by Bach (specifically the fugue parts)

Don't tell me La Campanella by Liszt; I get that answer every time and I assure you it is not what I am looking for.

Please, don't ask me questions in your answers; I assure you that you will see no response from me. Don't bother trying to get clarification because I will not be responding in any way. If your response isn't a carefully crafted list of potential pieces for me to learn don't bother. I don't want your advice for learning the piano; don't tell me that a piece doesn't need to be fast to be difficult or anything like that, just adhere to the guidelines that I have set forth, and nobody gets hurt.

Please only provide actual names of works--not something like: "try anything by Liszt")

Btw, do not bother mentioning anything by Beethoven; I have heard all of it, literally; I listened to every single piece from start to finish written by Beethoven; please do not waste my and your time.

Please, if you do not know the pieces I've listed don't bother answering this question, I am tired of asking this question and getting answers like "have you heard Gymnopedie no.1 by Erik Satie?" or "you should try Moonlight Sonata 1st. movement." I would rather have no answers at all than one that I have to research and be disappointed by. The difficulty of the piece is irrelevant, so long as it is not easier than anything I've listed. Well, that's it. I pray that you can help me. Please, PLEASE don't just list piano that you like; I have asked this exact question a couple of times, and not once has anyone come close to posting a single response remotely interesting. Seriously, if you don't know these pieces, (and when I say "know" I don't mean "have heard of them" I mean "have heard them and could recognize pieces with similar qualities") then do not attempt to "help" me; I've put help in quotations because by posting in ignorance you waste my time, and then you aren't really helping are you? I have spent countless hours searching the internet for anything to play; I am seriously about to give up the piano because I am nearly convinced that I have found every piece that is worth learning. Please, don't waste your time telling me any opinion that you have of me; you can rest with the knowledge that any comment such as that from you will fall deaf ears...blind eyes...something. Whatever, I mean I won't give a ****. Ich brauche Hilfe, ihre Hilfe. BITTE!

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    Since you have played Moonlight Sonata and other etudes that are difficult for most people, consider learning some of Chopin's etudes. His Black Keys etude in G flat major, his ocean etude in C minor, and his revolutionary etude in C minor are good pieces to start with. His etudes are technically demanding, thus a good foundation for all categories of music.

    Then move onto some of his Concertos, like Allegro Concerto, which teaches you many techniques that will make your playing more smooth. The notation structure of his Concertos are hard, but that's what makes it fun and worthwhile. They are also very beautiful as well.

    Best regards.

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    5 years ago

    I've been working with the course for about a week now, and it's incredible. Just the practice aids and the different scales and memory techniques in Book 9 are worth the price of the course, alone! There are two things that make this course stand out. First, all the video and audio files are embedded in the lesson. I have yet to find another piano course that makes it this easy. It's so nice not to have three files going at the same time!

    The second thing is that you actually get to play in each lesson! And the songs are not "Mary had a Little Lamb" types! From the Beatles to Bethoven, it's all there. I have several piano courses that I have ordered over the internet. This is the one I use because it makes learning fun! I'm amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn't grab this up is going to go the long way home! Joy!

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you tried

    "Don't be Such a Douche in Your Question"

    by Me?

  • 9 years ago

    you could maybe try Rachmaninov, his preludes are wonderful and well worth the effort of learning. Or how about Scarlatti (ooops, that was a question.....:-) )

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