How can I improve my coloring *screenshot*?

I'm not done with the head or the other wolf. . .I'm a little bit at a loss as to how I can improve. =( please help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Definitely needs a good shot of color. One of the good things about brown is that it contains all 3 primaries, so you really can't go wrong as long as you stick to one color and don't go overboard with it. I would recommend adding some red because it would be easier to include with the earth tones without looking too outlandish.

    What you can do is take a sample of the brown with the dropper tool, and then gradually increase the red levels on the color wheel. Make a "scratch" layer and fill it with the brown from the original, and as you increase the red levels for the modified color, make little swatches on the scratch and compare afterward, that way you can see which color works best with the brown without accidentally messing up what you already have.

    After you pick out the best-fitting swatch, resample it with the dropper and make at least one tint and shade swatch next to the original(or as many you think you'll need). This will allow you to keep your original starting colors to go back to and compare other colors against, sort of like a virtual palette.

    When applying the new colors, start out with around 30% transparency and keep your strokes in line with the direction of the fur. Keep layering your strokes, adding highlights and shadows here and there, and see what you've got. If need be, go back and reapply some of the original brown color. You can also use the burn and dodge tools to add super-highlights and super-darks for a more dramatic lighting style. Just try to have fun with it and stay positive and you won't believe how much you end up learning. Even if you don't like how it turns out, remember that every exercise, good or bad, contributes to your progress as an artist. Good luck!

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