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Ipod touch is it dying please help me.....?

Okay soo my ipod started to be spazzy last night and is being weird today and ive had it for 2 years and idk if i should get i new one or not i have the ipod touch 3rd generation i want the 4th generation but do you think it could be dying please help me


Its being weird again..... it did this last night too it has the apps all spread out like they are everywhere big spaces between them. Also my auto correct is spelling like the most random things that don't even make sense. The battery is being weird too.

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    Firsty get the iPod checked up If it does come up with minor problems then get it fixes but if it comes out with major problems the sell it off and buy the iPod touch 4th gen as you can play amazing games on it such as soul calibur

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    Your an idiot. You gave no information whatsoever on the iPod Touch. How the are we supposed to know if its dying? If you think it is, save up your money to prepare for its final passing so you can be able to buy another one.

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    9 years ago

    Get a new one. Although it is probably not broken.

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