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Would this be a great thing to say if she doesn't text back? :'( (Girls please help me)?

I asked the girl I like if she wants to hang out, but she never replied back. She said, "how about we make a plan when I'm out of school because right now I don't know." And that was last week. It's been about two hours now. She already knows I like just to let you guys know. Should I wait a few days and what do I say if she dosen't text back?

What I'm going to say. ------> Don't know if you got my text, but I just want to know when we can hang out? <------ 

If there's anything better I can say please let me know. I don't want to sound pushy.Thanks!

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    What do you thinks gonna get her attention more?! Texting or calling

    I say you call her. Talk with a smile and sound confident. If it goes to voice mail then leave her a funny message that you know will make her laugh.

    Gotta be a little more assertive about this stuff if you wanna get what you want. You can text her whatever.... but if you call her, it WILL stand out more!

    Believe that!

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    If she does not text by tommorrow evening, text or call her and say, "Just checking in. Did you get my text I sent yesterday? I was asking if you want to hang out. Please let me know."

    Then see what she says.

    Her answer to you says she seems to be blowing you off. "...right now I don't know.." that sounds like she was evading you and really isn't interested. Be ready to be rejected is my guess. Sorry to say. Hey, I just rejected so that is life. There are other ladies.

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