I have 2 Kicker S12L3-2 whats the best amp to use with them?

well i have 2 with vented enclosure. Whats the best amp to use with them that is not 2 expensive

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    9 years ago
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    Those subs are dual 2 ohm and 400watts RMS each. So you have a couple different wiring options.

    These are ideal wattages but anything from 600-1000watts RMS will work.

    you could wire each sub in series(4ohm) then wire the 2 subs together in parallel final load of 2ohms.

    For this you would need a monoblock = 800watts x 1 @ 2ohms

    or a "2ohm stable" 2 channel amplifier = 800watts x 1 @ 2ohms bridged mode

    Or you could wire each sub in series giving you a final load of 4ohms per sub then wire each sub to a respective channel on a 2 channel amp = 400 watts x 2 @ 4ohms

  • 4 years ago

    If yo in undemanding terms prefer to spend around 200 to 500 funds your unlikely to get the final amp. yet i could circulate with the recent sony 1500 wat amp with the 6 port plug in.. yet while u desire something extra suitable i could circulate with the 1500 pheonix gold amps

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