What to do outside during the summer?

Me and my friends decided that we are spending way too much time inside. It's summertime, we are young ; we need to stop wasting away in the house. We are 19-22, we live on our own, we live in a small town in the mountains of southwest VA.

We went to bonnaroo a couple weeks ago which was amazing.

We've thought of picnics and hiking, barbeques, swimming (not at the pool) just getting out and riding around. Maybe unconventional stuff that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Take daycations to historic sites like Appomattox Courthouse and Skyline Drive. There are so many important sites from the Civil War and Revolutionary War in your area, take advantage of the wonderful weather to see them. You are close to lots of national parks, national battlefields, and national historical sites. Pack a picnic lunch and go explore.

  • 9 years ago

    Say yes to EVERYTHING for a day

    Sleep over on a trampoline, also cover it in soap and tie garbage bags to your feet and jump on it

    Camping + Bonfire with a whole bunch of friends


    Make a music video (actually so much fun)

    Make and play battle Shots (google it, its amazing)

    Use ice from freezer to have a summer snowball fight

    Topless tanning\skinny dipping

    Watch the sunrise and set

    Do some ******* intense drunk parkour

    Intense beer pong tournament (troll rule included)

    Watch Magic Mike (you'll DEFINITELY remember that for the rest of your lives...)

    Put messages in balloons and let them go

    Jenna Marbles Drinking Game

    Play an intense game of beach ball volleyball on the beach

    Make jiffy pop

    have a roof top party

    plan a road trip

    buy some big floppy sun hats like the ones from jersey shore...

    go on a road trip to an all year mountain and go spring skiing in a bikini

    make out with someone in a bathroom stall or change room

    think of the craziest thing you can imagine, then somehow find a way to do it.

    have fun!

  • 9 years ago

    Go just have adventures, take a day and plan something for you guys to do:)..I went on a trip to Colorado last year the mountains were so beautiful and so was the scenery, just mesmerizing. The thing about that trip was that the people I was with were really boring. I feel that if your with your friends ANYTHING can be fun.

    Some Examples:



    Visit a different state

    Canoeing (my personal favorite)

    Take random walks at night


    Go to theme parks and festival

    ..sometimes it's even fun just to go to a friends house for a few days

    Source(s): Hope my answers helped:D
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    9 years ago

    Put some lawn chairs outside and turn on the sprinklers. Drink lemonade mixed with iced tea and just talk.

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