Does this boy like me?

I've known this boy for probably 6 or 7 years. We get along really well & we're pretty good friends. We don't really hang out besides school/ sports. We talk sometimes on Facebook though. He's a year older than me. My mum thinks he flirts with me but I have no idea. I feel like he does but I want to be sure. Here's why I think he flirts with me:

•He's always so nice to everybody & the girls on my softball team (he's the coachs son) but he seems to talk to me most out of the girls (he's known most of them for a pretty long time too) and he likes to find little ways to touch me such as patting me, nudging me, high fiving me (all the time lol), gently hitting the top of my head when I have my batting helmet on.

•He likes to playfully tease me. He knows I hate playing catcher so he tells his dad to put me as catcher and laughs and he does it because I laugh too. He does a lot of other things to tease me too and make me laugh

•He tries to make me laugh all of the time. I feel like he definitely tries to be funnier around me. Like he'll send a message on Facebook and be all serious and almost sound mad and then the last sentence is really goofy and it makes me laugh.

•My friend on my softball team says he flirts with me (I think she's a bit jealous so she wouldn't just say that randomly)

•He always says hi with a smile. The other day I said hi to him when I was with my guy friend and girl friend at a softball game as he walked by and he said hi with a smile and completely ignored the other two even though he knows them and is friends with them. The girl was like "UH! Jack! Hi!" (The one who said he flirts with me who is kind of jealous haha..)

•His brother posted a picture on Facebook of some weird thing the guy I like did so I liked it and he commented some funny comment which I feel was meant for me to see and make me laugh

What do you guys think? Honest opinions please? I might ask him to hang out some time

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Definitely likes you.... No doubt

    Source(s): That's exactly how I act when I like a girl
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