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can you put gron cat flea medicine on a kitten?

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    It all depends on the age of the kitten and the brand.

    Frontline and Advantage can be used on kittens 8 weeks and up - it is dosed by weight, and there is one for cats under 9 pounds and one for 9 pounds and over. The 9 pounds and under is safe to use in kittens - as long as they are 8 weeks or older. The other over the counter stuff is crap and shouldn't be used on an adult cat let alone a kitten. Hartz, sargent's, Bio Spot, Zodiac - they are contain ingredients that can cause seizures and death in cats and are especially lethal to kittens. This includes their drops, flea collars (which don't work anyway) and flea powers and baths.

    If your kitten is under 8 weeks, he can be flea treated by the vet.

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    Almost ALL flea treatment warns against using on kittens. Go by whatever the box says. The best thing to do for kittens is to give them a very gentle, warm bath with Dawn dish soap. Be careful around the eyes and ears, especially because the fleas will try to run there. After bathing the kitten, an all-natural flea powder (usually made of peppermint) will help keep the fleas off the kitten and out of her bedding. Flea treatments are very strong POISONS and can sometimes even make an ADULT cat sick. They should only be used as directed.

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    Only if it is marketed to cats in general. Any reputable product will list the ages and weights of the cats it is aimed for. OTC treatments like Hartz and Sargent should be avoided because they are ineffective and dangerous to the cat.

    Frontline, etc are marketed at cats in general and can be used on any cat over 2-3 lbs and 8 weeks old.

    Check the packaging. If it's not clear, call the customer service number.

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    Topical treatments like Frontline and Advantage have an 8 week minimum age, so it comes down to the dose that is important. Ingredients are not different for the age of the animal.

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    NO it is Very dangerous to use Any flea treatment of a kitten.

    Talk to your vet about kitten treatments

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