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girls names(: due August 12th(:?

I love the following names.


Soleil (so-lay)





She will have one brother named Hunter Gage.

Please rate every name and give middle names for each pleasee(:

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    Kielyn (6/10) Mackenzie

    Soleil (5/10) Elizabeth

    Charley (5/10) Rae

    Hadden (7/10) Marie

    Carter (8/10) Shay

    Rylie (8/10) Blaire

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    Kielyn Jane 6/10

    Soleil Marie 0/10

    Charley Emma 8/10

    Hadden Grey 9/10

    Carter Mable 7/10

    Rylie Heather 6/10

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    Kielyn 2/10 Slightly teen momish, im not keen

    Soleil- 1/10 Its just screams "im trying too hard!"

    Charley- 8/10, Love this, especially as a nickname to Charlotte. Charley Ava?

    Hadden- 4/10. It sounds a bit made up, its okay... I suppose. Hadden Elizabeth?

    Carter- 2/10. Its too masculine for a little girl

    Rylie- 6/10. It would be better spelt Riley, still masculine, but better. Riley Grace/ Riley Amelia?

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    Okay, so I'm rating 1-10...

    Name l Rate l Middle Name

    Kielyn 10 Addie

    Soleil 9 Cole

    Charley 8 Nichol

    Hadden 8 Mitchel

    Carter 9 Noel

    Rylie 10 Angela

    -Hope it was Help!! :)

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    Kielyn Marie: Kielyn is pretty.

    Rylie Nicole: I prefer Riley.

    Soleil is ugly, Charley is a boy name and Hadden sounds like a boy name but it's ugly anyway so I can't give you middle names for those. Sorry. Carter is a boy name.

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    Kielyn - No. Too trendy. None of her teachers will pronounce it correctly, and no one will ever spell it right.

    Soleil (so-lay) - No. Too strippery.

    Charley No, unless it's short for Charlotte.

    Hadden I like this one. You could name her Hadden Grey or Hadden Giana and she would have the same initials as her brother.

    Carter This one is so-so, but makes me think of Jimmy Carter who was a president.

    Rylie Also very trendy but better than some of the other names.

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    Kielyn - 0/10

    Made up, trendy, and trashy.

    Soleil - 5/10

    Best name on the list.

    Charley - 0/10

    Masculine nickname.

    Hadden - 0/10

    Harsh, masculine, and looks like a crappy spelling of Hayden, a masculine boy's name.

    Carter - 0/10

    Masculine boy's name.

    Rylie - 0/10

    Cutesy, trashy spelling of Riley, a masculine boy's name.

    Are you disappointed that you're not getting another boy?

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    9 years ago

    Kielyn-POSSIBLY-Kielyn Marie



    Hadden-YES-Hadden Grace


    Rylie-YES-Rylie MacKenzie

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