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Can I use two different types of ram that are DDR3?


On my motherboard I only have 4gb of ram, my question is can I use 2 different brands of RAM. Lets say 4 GB of kingstone than 4gb of G.SKILL? Both DDR3 which is what my motherboard runs. Does it matter if there are 2 different brands of RAM even though it is compatible with my motherboard? So to sum it up can I have have 2 different brands of RAM in the motherboard.

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    the brand is irrelevant, however if you use 2 different speeds the slower speed is what will be recognized... so if you have 4GB of pc3-12800 in it and add 4GB of pc3-8500 the computer will run like 8GB of pc3-8500 which is still MUCH faster then the 4GB of pc3-12800....

    make sure before you add the new RAM that you download the latest BIOS for the motherboard and flash the BIOS....

    you can mix DDR2 and DDR3 speeds (NOT the best idea) but the slowest speed is what the RAM will work at...

    you can NOT mix DDR or SDRAM speeds

    shop around for RAM you can get RAM from edge-tech, arch memory, or tiger direct for half what it will cost you at a local store, and generally you will have the RAM in a matter of days (2 or 3 depending on where you live)


    at no time did i say DDR2 and DDR3 could be mixed, what i said you can mix is the speeds on either of those............. and you can not mix speeds on DDR and SDRAM.

    i can see where my wording may have been misunderstood.......

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    Yes it will work just fine. You dont need to match brands for ram to work. And you can use ram of different capacities aswell. (as long as your motherboard will support the capacity you are using, most support up to 4gb/slot). You can even mix ram speeds aswell without a problem aswell. It will just run all sticks at the slowest speed of the slowest ram. But in the case of older boards it may not work at all. Note that using different brands may not run all sticks of ram at specified settings (like if you got all ddr3 1600 @ cl9 sticks @ 1.5v, it may not be able to run them at those speeds/timings at that voltage). Also using different brands will likely not allow the ram to run in dual channel (but in your case you are getting 2 matching sticks which will run in dual channel and just have a 3rd stick).

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    The brand don't matter. The type does matter. Now a 32-bit system will read 4 GB but will only

    use 3.25 GB. If your system is 64-bit then you can probably go 8 or even 16 GB. My desktop here

    has 4 slots with 4x2 GB =8 GB. I could go with 4x4 GB and would have 16 GB.

    I hope this helped.

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    9 years ago

    For maximum performance you should use a matched set of memory modules.

    As for michr, DDR2 and DDR3 CANNOT be mixed. The notch in a DDR3 module is not in the same position as in a DDR2 module. Physically won't fit.

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  • 9 years ago has to be the same type, speed, and timing. Its best to get a "set" of ram. (2 x 4GB) In dual channel...that way you know you will get ram that is made to compliment each other...not just hope it will. I prefer G. Skills, but what ever your present 4GB stick is ...get another EXACTLY like it, to insure compatibility.

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    the man is right as long as they are the MHz and same amount of pin you should be fine you could also try a ram test to make sure they work together

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    in the Ram differing of bus speed.DDR3 bus speed u6700 and u5300.the same bus speed of Ram run in the motherboard

  • Anonymous
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    If their the same frequency (MHz) then no. Make sure it's the same frequency.

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    It is sometimes possible but never a good idea.

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    yes you can

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