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Can someone tell me what's going on in this *Japanese* video? it's only 2 minutes long?

it's from the anime "totsugeki pappara tai". the anime has never been translated into English. i have only found 3 clips from the show. I found them on YouTube. this is the second one, I've asked a question like this but with the third one. can someone please tell me what's going on in it?you DON'T need to tell me what they are saying, but if you WANT to, then that would be great. please and thank you.

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    I barely know any japanese but I'll try my best. The two girls are fighting over for the guy obviously. They're either talking about how they can do much better for him or talking trash about each other how much they can't do nothing for him.

    The guy transforming was the God of Death being jealous I assume. I saw another clip and he was jealous of some other couple too. So the guy transformed into his wrestling looking mode and along with his army they charged into the sea to go after the two girls and the guy.

    The robotic looking girl asks why they are going into the ocean. The women next to the girl says "I wonder why, maybe the water feels very nice". The girl replied "Really I want to go to" something like that. When the girl gets into the she said "What? There's nothing here." she saw the fishes and said "wow".

    Yah that's all I got. I understand the the last part more than rest of the vid.

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