Would it be a good idea to put a Nissan 300Zx TT engine in my 1998 Nissan 240SX?

I know a good amount about American cars. But I'm new to Japanese. So if I were to put a twin turbo Nissan 240SX, would the chassis, axles an transmission be able to handle the horsepower and torque??? Or would I have to swap some parts out so that it could work??? I know back in the 50's and 60's, people would put v8s into cars and trucks that were meant for v6's, and the power and torque would rip the frames apart. So I need some info. I mainly just need more horsepower for my car. It's already got aftermarket brakes, suspension, anti roll bars, the whole package. Is just still has stock horsepower. Thanks guys!!!

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  • tricky
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    9 years ago
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    Yes def could be done as i have seen VG and VQ engine swaps into the s14a as well as RB CA and SR Look at VH45DE V8 upgrades after all if those guys can add that engine then what they have done would take a V6 engine.

    This should help it for a s13 but gets you started.


  • celena
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    4 years ago

    Well suppose about this. Nissan selected to now not add those add-ons for a rationale. Either cash or with a view to be more safe. A BOV just releases strain whilst you let the gasoline go. And a rapid timer makes definite your faster cools down earlier than shutting down the motor. With that stated it looks like a just right notion getting those 2 matters. It all just relies on the way you drive the car. I just want you to understand something from anyone that has a 300zx. It's actually the toughest engine to work on. You are going to have plenty of retail outlets/performance shops a good way to refuse to work on those motors. When you have mechanical talents I say get it. If no longer it'll cost you a gorgeous penny. Just to alter a gasoline line under the throttle cables took me 2 hours. Its a 3 inch line, however it was once unattainable to arrive. You are going to additionally must upgrade your turbos. If you want to get a Non-turbo and do a TT swap consider once more. In order to price you round 7-10k just to do. Seeing that you ought to bend traces and fiddle with alot more stuff. Additionally the wiring harness on the 300ZX aren't that first-class. Nissan is going to discontinue making these and plenty of different constituents for the 300zx so it will be rough to seek out components. Not to additionally point out they were ALL made in Japan. So goodluck but when I were you i would get a VR4 or whatever alongside those traces.

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