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I think my sister is pregnant!!!!! She's sixteen?

Okay, so my sister is 16 years old and she went to her boyfriends house (who is also 16), and she spent to the night there. She promised that nothing like that would happen, and he promised her that he wouldn't do anything to her, either. But obviously something did happen. I don't know what, but something did happen. I think this cause she's been acting really weird lately. For example, she's been really sad and depresses lately, she won't properly, she been trowing up alot, and if you ask her what happen when she was with her boyfriend that night she'll start to panic, but won't tell you anything. Do you think she might be pregnant? Do you think something happen that night?

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    "........I don't know what....."

    This kind of thinking is what's really scary.......and yet here he is at the "Group W" bench blabbing it out to a few million random strangers like we're his best friend or the Labrador....

    Of course she COULD be pregnant [most likely is] but it could also be the "boyfriend" did something she may or may not have liked.....maybe he really likes boys and she's upset....maybe he really like large breed dogs and she didn't take that very well.....maybe his dad really likes your sister....maybe his mom.......

    You don't "know" anything and this is obviously the best place to go and get some attention.....

  • Ok first step is don't panic. Take a deep breath and relax, lets think this through. Try not to automatically assume the worst.

    1) Vomiting doesn't start until a couple months into the pregnancy, if at all. It's a common misconception that it begins right away. Se

    2) Do you happen to know your sisters flow times? Odd question but sometimes people living close togeteher link up, or they get the general idea. Wait around a couple months to see if you start seeing tampons or pads in the trash around your house.

    3) If it's like three months later and only you and youe mother have had periods it's time to ask her. Make sure you tell her this doesn't change your opinion of her and you love and care about her and will support her through this.

    Just remember before you jump tp conclusions there could be 100 different answers to why she's depressed. If you think your sister is sexually active just make sure you tell her to be safe.

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    I feel relatively certain your sister had sex with her boyfriend, and from the sound of things, she very well may be pregnant and is totally freaked out about it. If I were you I would try talking to her, very softly and gently, with no judgment, and get her to tell you what's going on. If she is pregnant, she can't just try to pretend it's not happening. There's also the possibility the boyfriend may try to talk her into having an abortion, which can be dangerous as well as emotionally scar her for life.

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    To be honest, it kind of sounds like she could just be sick.

    Are her and her boyfriend still together? It either sounds like (if sex/pregnancy is involved) that she didn't want it and was forced into it.

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    She could be. If she were my sister, I'd probably sneak into her room and go through her trash looking for a pregnancy test, but I wouldn't exactly advise that (though I would do it). x)

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    Yeah, what lavastar or whatever said. and if she is......well i've never been pregnant and never will (I'm a man) and I've never impregnated a 16 year old so i'm not really an authority on the matter.

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    >"...she won't properly, ..."

    She won't what properly?

    Anyway, "depressed, vomiting, panicking", more likely she discovered that her boyfriend is a Democrat.

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    sounds like a date rape case to me. she could be knocked up but your description sounds like she got what she did'nt want

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