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Has anyone else taken clomid and gotten pregnant when they stopped?

I took clomid for 2 months. 50mg in March did not o so upped to 100mg in april. In april I noticed a change in cm (ewc-egg white consistency). My cycles on clomid were 37-38 days so I got my period May 7th. It lasted 5 days but I did not take clomid in May. I did notice the ewc cm. According to my period/ovulation calendar I o on May 30. Me and my fiance had sex the day before nd day after. Here it is June 24 and i'm 11 days late. I took a hpt on day 8 in the evening it was negative. I have no symptoms except being tired nd mild cramping few days before period was due and every now and then I get a little crampy but nothing serious. Could my hcg levels be low due to my pcos or no the test was (-) nd I shouldnt get my hopes up?

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    I had pcos and low progesterone last year and they gave me a pill to start my period and put me on clomid we'll after two months i got fed up with it and got off it. Two months after that i got pregnant with my twins. they also put me on metformin for my pcos. So yes you can and do a hystonography! i got pregnant 3 days after it with the twins so it was alot of stuff leading up to getting prego. oh i got pregnant after getting of clomid

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    You can't go by calendars, aps, or cm while on clomid. You need to use an OPK. I am 20 weeks pregnant with a baby conceived on clomid. My ovulations stopped when I stopped taking it. The OPKs also help you see if you are on a high enough dose. If the dose is right you'll get a period exactly 14 days after the positive OPK without fail unless you are pregnant. Only tooK 2 cycles for me to get pregnant with clomid and OPKs. Baby dust to you!

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    Hard to say since the majority of doctors who are prescribing clomid really shouldn't be because they don't really understand the reasons why they are even prescribing it.

    Clomid doesn't solve all problems of PCOS. You might also consider asking your doctor about metformin. That seems to be a new route to take for those who weren't helped by clomid alone.

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