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Hornets Vs Bobcats Finals next year ?

lets face it, as much as we'd like to deny it the Hornets and Bobcats are gonna be powerhouses next season.. The Hornets are gonna be a major FA destination with Davis and will probably get D-will.. the bobcats are gonna get t robinson who'll prob average 29+ Pts a game... top that with kemba walker? you suddenly have a championship team. what do you guys think?

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    Um no. Just no.

    Is it me or did everyone forget about the OKC Thunder and Miami Heat?

    They have to get through the big boys first. Besides it would be Anthony's first year in NBA, he has a lot to learn.

    People need to remember that nobodys roster is going to stay the same this year. Everyone is looking for an upgrade.

    All the good teams will probably just get better.

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    i admire those questions, you incredibly could desire to be attentive to your **** to offer a solid answer (which I do). :-) otherwise, it would all be biased. MVP- Dwyane Wade. He had a breakout season after his injuries and that i think of he nevertheless has lots greater to coach, he ought to be large and he replaced into close to to it this final twelve months. DPOY- Howard, by way of fact no person else will block, rebound and administration the paint the way this guy will. ROY- Griffin and then at a miles off 2d would be Steph Curry. Atlantic branch: a million. Boston Celtics 60-22 2. Philadelphia 40 5-37 3. Knicks 40 3-39 4. Nets 40-40 two 5. Toronto Raptors 29-fifty 3 significant branch: a million. Cleveland Cavaliers 62-20 2. Detroit Pistons fifty two-30 3. Chicago Bulls 40 two-40 4. Milwaukee greenbacks 40-40 two 5. Pacers 31-fifty one Southeas branch: a million. Orlando Magic 60-22 2. Miami warmth fifty one-31 3. Washington Wizards fifty one-31 4. Atlanta Hawks 40-40 two 5. Charlotte Bobcats 30-fifty two Southwest branch: a million. Houston Rockets fifty 4-36 2. San Antonio Spurs 40 9-33 3. Dallas Mavericks 40 9-33 4. New Orleans Hornets 40 5-37 5. Memphis Grizzlies 35-40 seven Northwest branch: a million. Denver Nuggets fifty seven-27 2. Oklahoma city Thunder fifty one-31 3. Portland 40 8-34 4. Utah Jazz 40 two-40 5. Minnesota Timberwolves 21-sixty one Pacific branch: a million. l. a. Lakers sixty one-21 2. Phoenix Suns 50-32 3. l. a. Clippers 40 9-33 4. Goldenstate Warriors 36-40 8 5. Sacramento Kings 19-sixty 3 East first around: a million. Cavs v Chicago Cavs in 7. 2. Orlando v. Philly. Orlando in 4. 3. Boston v. Wash. Boston in 7. 4. Detroit v. Miami. Detroit in 7. East semis: Cavs v. Detroit. Detroit in 7. Orlando v. Boston. Boston in 7. East Finals Detroit v. Boston. Boston in 6. West around a million: l. a. v. Portland. l. a. in 6. Denver v. SA. Denver in 5. Houston v. Clippers. Houston in 6. OKC v. Phoenix. OKC in 7. West Semis: l. a. v. OKC. l. a. in 6. Denver v. Houston. Denver in 6. West Finals: l. a. v. Denver. l. a. in 7. Finals: Boston v. l. a.. Boston in 7. Wow that took a protracted time.

  • Yeah I also have the Hornets and Bobcats in the NBA Finals of the ages. Hornets win in 7

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    Hornets in 4 boy! Anthony Davis finals MVP!

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    When pigs fall from the sky

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    um.... sure.... you can go right ahead and think that buddy

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