Is Cu Boulder a good school? Are there any better schools I could get into?

Im a junior in california with a 3.1 and my official sat score us a 2050. My college councilor told me not to worry and that Id definitely make it into Cu.Im not much of a party kid, Ive never smoked, I don't drink, and I dont plan on doing any of these in college. I want to go here just for an undergrad, then transfer into Ucsd for medicine. Is it worth the cost?

Also, do they give financial aid even though my gpas not that great? My parents combined make just about 100,000 before tax, and the undergrad program is 45,000 a year...

also, if Cu isnt worth it, please leave and other suggestions for where I can go, thanks!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I had a 3.8 weighted (AP classes) high school GPA and scored 1300 on the old SAT, which is about equivalent to 1950 on the new SAT, I think. I was accept to CU-Boulder no problem and received a $15,000 scholarship over 4 years. That is a mere $3,750. I knew people with much lower stats who were accepted without issue, although maybe without scholarship funds. So, I think you will be accepted by CU; the question is, do you want to go?

    My opinion on CU: Colorado is a great state. Boulder is a great town. The recreational and cultural opportunities are hard to beat, especially if you are into the outdoors and winter sports. The school offers a decent education, depending on what you study. For Engineering and hard sciences, it is top notch; for other subjects, it may be lacking. CU is also undeniably a party school, and Boulder a party town.

    My opinion on your your attendance: The elephants in the room are that you will pay out-of-state tuition and you want to transfer to UCSD. Given that preference, it makes little sense to attend CU. The logical thing to do is attend a CSU or community school in San Diego, then transfer to UCSD. You will save your parents a ton of money (which will make you feel more responsible and save you a great deal of guilt from attending an overpriced out-of-state school), already be settled in the place where you ultimately wish to live, and avoid the trouble of leaving behind a life in Colorado. Think about it: why invest so much in Colorado just to get back to San Diego, when it would cost so little to go to San Diego in the first place?

    On the other hand, if you are very interested in establishing a life in Colorado, or at least living there long enough to establish residence, find an academic program at CU that you just cannot pass up, and are happy to adapt to and participate in the cooky party atmosphere of CU and Boulder, then by all means, Go Buffs!!

    For me personally, coming from Southern California and attending CU, I always felt guilty about the high cost, and the put a damper on my experience at CU, and that is why I chose to graduate in 3 years instead of 4 (thank you AP classes). At the same time, I fell in love with the campus, the town, and the state. Those Flatirons behind the school will set your school free. In my humble opinion, Boulder is a paradise. So, I regret stepping into such a lovely place with such unhappy feelings.

    To take it even further, I would like to suggest that you take a year off. I feel Americans rush from High School to college without any idea of what they are doing in college. Many other young people around the world take a year off, figure **** out, and then jump into college with a straight head. I suggest you consider this route. Take a year off, travel the country, or other countries, work some odd jobs, enjoy the spontaneity that only youth affords. Figure out what is important to you, what interests you, what you want to study, etc... Go live in Boulder for a month or two. Maybe you will fall in love. If so, establish you Colorado residence, apply to CU, and attend that great school as a Coloradan, with in-state tuition, instead of lame Californian who doesn't know what he wants.

    I really hope this helps. I totally sympathize with the gravity of the decision that is before you. Good Luck!!

    Source(s): B.A., CU-Boulder, 2008 Hometown: Southern California
  • 4 years ago

    palms down Cal Poly Pomona. besides the incontrovertible fact that CU-Boulder has extra ideal athletics (Div. I %12), Cal Poly Pomona has very physically powerful teachers that are at-par to "mid-tier" united stateswhich includes UC Davis, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara. additionally, think of of the means employment opportunities on your significant interior the l. a. metropolitan area! As an city planner, i'd somewhat interior the middle of the three best city factors interior the U. S. (l. a., OC, and IE), than some college city interior the Rockies.

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