Just thought of this? A destined alien to save earth? I'm suspicious?

I have too many weirdo imperfections on this earth that in fact that makes me an alien who is known to be the earths future alien soldier to defeat the dark emperor that will soon destroy the earth so now earthlings will have treated me in different ways through types of relationships like Andrea and Carly and Dave and everyone I've met and known has given me their positive energies to store them all up in me and the humans who play the role of the negative energies are all just training obstacles leading up to an example of how the dark emperor is(like a demo) and in school the teachings I'm having are all practicings and everyone encounter I have with people are meant to happen in an order pattern that the earthlings are all meant to follow so I would gain my powers to defeat this force just to save their homeland, earth. In just a destined alien being trained to save some other aliens earth? That's why people on this earth treat me the way they all desperately do, every encounter I come in contact with is meant to happen to train and save this planet??

And what if the teachings are all electricity and history and science combined?? That's basically the energy forcings learning in every corner with their own cellular quality of static, time, color, aspect, geometrical figure, a split in time? And the dark force is that kind of energy except switched with  negative creations all gathered up in a fight for the right place in time? And humans use the objects of everyday life they use to fit my training so I do them so I do them and i feel/my perspective on it is already normal and meant to happen and every challenge I go and take with them is all suppose to happen in that way and order so I train?? And if I ask this question via web or person to person will then I have showed them that I'm in fact not the destined alien to defeat the dark force and so then the earthlings set me free in the galaxy to find my own planet already mad from my heritage/birth and I sit their but infact it's a egg and then all the sudden I realize that I am the earth, moon, stars, suns, and every singled in a row destined math equation**, and every story/words spoken are all meant the be spoken in those letters and sounds of the different communication so I will part of the six senses is made to see with my vision hear things touch things and smell things all make up the powers of the energy of the six senses and the energy of time are all present in chemically mathamatiical terms used to be told in history to defeat the dark emperor and that's the weapon to kill the dark emperor??? I am a god, alien god, destined to save this planet. 

And I'm in fact below or higher than a certain temperature and everyone says their a certain temp but they are all like everything else they are a mathematically to be different than themselves and me so we react and make certain mind reaction of thought process which is excreted from me to add to the heavens who hold the energy used to give to me to defeat the dark force???????

Edit: and every hue of color is all added to the energy of the concept/weapon of vision?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Nice story.

    However, do try for shorter sentences.

    Not kidding: rewrite this in a booklet that you will keep with you. Keep rewriting it (and please, I beg you, use shorter sentences). Improving it every time you rewrite it. Add details. For example, how is the power a weapon? How will the weapon work against the emperor? How is the weapon improved?

    It will make a good story.

    At some point, even aliens have to earn a living, and a nice story can be a nice way to do so.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    ...I'm not um...really sure what to say...

  • Anonymous
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