Please help i'm a mess?

I dated this guy for 8 months then i broke up with him and it has been 5 months since our break up and we got really close and we're best friends i realized i like him after i dumped him 5 months ago because when we were dating i treated him badly but he reeallu loved me and he still does so like when i dumped him i realized i like him but we fought alot and hated eachother now we're close but i don't feel like dating him. And i'm leaving this country forever in this year. What should i do?

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  • 9 years ago

    Stay calm and think rationally and not with pure emotion. You guys sound like you had a lot of arguments. I had a relationship just like yours and my ex treated me like crap, and my ex wanted to get back with me but all I could ever look back on is all arguments and all the names that were called. It was never the same. I hate to say it but sounds like it's time to close the relationship off now before either one of you guys will get even more hurt, After the move you will feel a lot better I promise! Best of luck!

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    9 years ago

    You want what you don't have.You had better figure out why and stop doing it because you are hurting people with your selfish behaviour.

    When you start over in a new country grow up a bit and treat people the way you want them to treat you.A chance to start over.Not every one gets that chance.

  • Slewin
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    9 years ago

    Just my advice like the other guy mentioned go for it and enjoy the time but if your leaving the country for good then leave him be if you dont plan to take him with you. if you were fighting measns sometimes nothing love strats ewith fights..... but dont braek his heart so be honest if your planning to leave and not take him with you or tell him exaktly what your planning then its ok but what if he still falls for you would you satay for him what do you feel whats miore important him or leaving without him think about that and you have your ansewer........

    Good Luck to both of you

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if you want to date him go for it make the most of the time you guys have left. If you dont want to date him just say your moving and you dont want to start anything that youd have to leave behind in the country. Only you can decided what you want to do its about how you feel


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  • nadie
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    9 years ago

    If you don't feel like dating him and you're leaving, then I don't see the issue, keep on being friends.

  • 9 years ago

    If you're young and moving away forever, then keep writing contact, but other than that, don't set up unrealistic expectations.

  • 9 years ago

    just stay friends ..if your leaving the country there is no need to confuse him or lead him on..

  • 9 years ago

    Move on, if your going to be moving dont make attachments

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