How to permanently clear bacne?

For the past couple of years I have been getting pimples on my back nonstop. I wash and exfoliate my back regularly but I still get these huge pimples either on my shoulder blades or on the lower part of my back.

I've tried an astringent and that helped a little bit but as soon as I stopped, they came back. Anything that helps?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think anything is permanent unless continue use. But I suggest ordering some Natural Black Soap it almost gets rid of them instantly! I order from Ebay! Good Luck... it works!

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    9 years ago

    since its summer id say to tan for 30 minutes on the front and back everyday, and either get some glycolic acid, treinoin gel, or acnepril. when you tan it brings down the redness and heals the damaged skin along with exfoliation. glycolic acid also exfoliates the skin so that you don't have scars and still helps get rid of it. tretinoin works the same way. acnepril however stops the route cause of acne which is overactive sebaceous (oil) glands underneath the skin. when these glands procuce too much sebum (oil) then it CAN clog the pores. acnepril works like accutane by attacking the oil glands but it doesnt take 5-6 months for it to finally work completely and it doesnt dry out you skin. it has a **** load of vitamins and minerals in it to toughen skin and break down oils and toxins so that they don't clog pores. it works in like three days, but it depends on how many pills you can take. and you can take as many pills as you want because it has no negative side effects and it won't trash your liver or kidneys. actually it supports liver and kidney function. good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    I would suggest going to see a dermatologist and see what they recommend. Good luck getting rid of them, I get them too so annoying.

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