BMW body style changes since 2002 (3-series)?

I'm trying to figure out the years the BMW body style changed for the 3 series. I know it happened in 2002 and 2006, but can't figure out the rest...?

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  • T. P.
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    9 years ago
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    Other answer got it, but I will had the "face lift" of the e46 was actually in 2001. Also people complained about the light change made that year as well, and that the 1999-2001 lights were way better looking.

  • mel23
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    9 years ago

    Ok... The e46 is from 99-05 But! The face lift was given in 2002 that's why you see the difference in both front and back lights. The lights are curved up. Then the e90 was introduced in 06.(new body style) and the face lift was given in 09-12. Many complained about the rear tail lights of the 06-08 that they made the reverse light much smaller. And put clear signals in the front.

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