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Why is Somalia in such a state that it is in?

what happened to this country?

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    Read about the history briefs on Somalia:

    This shows radicals trying to take over.

    2009 December - Al-Shabab denies being behind suicide attack that killed 22 people in Mogadishu, including three ministers.

    2010 February - Al-Shabab formally declares alliance with al-Qaeda,

    2010 July - Al-Shabab says it was behind twin blasts which hit Ugandan capital Kampala, killing 74 people watching the World Cup football final on TV.

    2011 August-September - Suspected al-Shabab militants raid Kenyan coastal resorts, killing one foreigner and kidnapping two.

    Bottom Line - Hard Core Islamists want complete control by killing anyone in their way.

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    When a government becomes corrupt to the point where people feel it no longer serves the nation's interests anarchy runs rampant. Because that is what people do when left to their own devices. Darwinism at it's finest. It's instinct, at the end of the day we are animals. In a setting with no social order If you are stronger then the person over there why wouldn't you take whats theirs.

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    Like many other leaders in Africa, greed came first. Though out the whole, you never see a politician living the simple life. The saddest part of Australian way of life is the politicians have lost contact with the people and live like they no best.

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