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I am Atheist, if I teach my kids to worship a baby killer, will they be taken away from me?

Egypt's first born. Amalikites. Flood. She bears sent to murder 42 children.

My children's mother is suggesting that we try sending our little angels to a Christian Sunday School where they will be taught to worship and love something that kills babies and acts like a ruthless human dictator.

Would the State view this as child abuse because I am an Atheist and I should know better than to morally corrupt my children by allowing them to think baby killers should be worshiped?


"You claim to be an Atheist and thus believe God doesn't exist."

Please do not lie about me. You do not know me. Liar. I do not claim a god exists nor do I claim one does not exist. I do not know. I hold no belief. I lack belief.

"Yet you call Him a baby killer thus admitting that God does exist."

Allah? Odin? Zeus? Exactly which god did I admit existed? Specifically, which MAN MADE book god did I admit existed? Bible's baby killer god?

I speak to my 3 year old as though Santa Claus is real...does that make Santa real? LOL

There are book gods, we know they books, in fiction, in fantasy. And then there is the possibility of a real Supreme Being, one that would never have need to murder babies for selfish gain. Your the one that says god is a baby killer because you say the god depicted in the bible is an actual god....that kills babies for selfish gain.

"That's a contradiction." It is not. I can also play hypothetical without s

Update 2:

"That's a contradiction." It is not. I can also play hypothetical without stating I am doing so, I can say "let's pretend for a moment your baby killer god is real". It is not an admission that I have corrupted my morality and accepted god is a baby killer.

"Not to mention you are arguing from ignorance." Really? Have you read the bible? I have. I can read. No, there was no Priest or daddy figure leaning over my shoulder instructing me which parts of the bible to read first and telling me what to think and believe about the stories. Never been brainwashed = Ignorant?

You were taught how to excuse and justify the murder of innocent babies and children. I was not. I am self educated when it comes to immorality. I could be brain dead and still know any kind of baby killer is evil.

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    You claim to be an Atheist and thus believe God doesn't exist. Yet you call Him a baby killer thus admitting that God does exist. That's a contradiction. Not to mention you are arguing from ignorance.

    Now first born is not a synonym for baby. I have a sibling who is first born who is a full grown adult.

    Now for the rest of them.

    The First Born

    The Amalikites

    The Flood

    The She Bears

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    You seem to have a twisted idea of what Christianity is all about. And assuming that is what they would be taught.

    You need to establish a better relationship with the children's mother for your sake and that of your children.

    There is sort of an analogy, where the parents named their children after Hitler and Himmler, and when they ordered a Swastika decorated birthday cake, they got into trouble. After investigations by child protective services, they did lose their children. Oh, and the father had Nazi symbols all through his house. But as would be expected, there were deeper problems also found.

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    No, atheists are not into oppression. Atheism will develop by way of higher schooling, no longer by way of doing away with someone's rights. I realize the Religious Right is spreading plenty of scare studies approximately what atheists could do. It's all aspect in their crusade to get Christians to hate us and deal with us like filth. We don't have any curiosity in telling you what to feel. We simply desire you to give up seeking to drive your ideals on us.

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    It is a mystery to me, Christians claim that 'God is Love', yet so much killing and murder, rape and slavery all in the Bible and by the Bibles name.

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    But whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do evil, and believe not in Christ, and deny him, and serve not God, then ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil; for after this manner doth the devil work, for he persuadeth no man to do good, no, not one; neither do his angels; neither do they who subject themselves unto him.

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    That **** didn't actually happen. The Bible isn't a history book and it wasn't meant to be taken word for word.

    Source(s): I'm a Christian.
  • We do have a society that kills fully developed babies so I'm not sure why you're American if that's your objection.

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    You need to go take a parental competancy test. You're way beyond the nuts.

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    Just keep them save with you.

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    i prefer cheesy puffs

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