Got into an argument with my boyfriend on his birthday, was I wrong?

My boyfriend and I got into a huge argument on his birthday. Last week I asked him if he had any plans for his birthday he told me no because he had to work that day and the following day. I felt bad and told him that I would make him his favorite cake to make him feel better. The day before his birthday I asked him if he would come pick up his cake after work and he said he would. On his birthday we spoke and I told him his cake was done and that he could come pick it up. He then said that he had a bad day at work and he was tired. Meanwhile he went by his mothers house to eat a dinner that she prepared but couldn't even come by to pick up a cake that I took time out of my busy schedule to prepare for him. I felt hurt and embarrassed especially because I asked my mother to help me make a red velvet cake from scratch. So I basically flipped out on him and said some hurtful things that I shouldn't have said. So now we aren't speaking. My boyfriend works as a correction officer but he seems to always use that as an excuse to get out of something. Was I wrong for overreacting?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well don't feel bad I mean no one's perfect. I think he should've made time to come get the cake if he had time to go to his moms. I mean, i don't know, if I really like a girl i'd be ecstatic she would want to do that for me and i'd tell my mom, then go to mom's later or something, or better yet bring my gf with me. Even though you're not the only one in the can just apologize and then tell him why you were hurt and maybe you guys can work it out. Probably just talking it out in a calm manner with you telling how you felt would have been better but you can't worry about what should've been right, you can't go back in time.

  • 4 years ago

    You tell him which you're feeling that he's taken you with none attention and he tells you to close up? He does not care approximately your thoughts, so for his birthday, supply him a break up! end attempting and locate somebody who will appreciate you. Telling him your thoughts did not wreck his birthday, his reaction to it ruined your day and makes you experience undesirable. He does not care approximately how he treats you and gets exhilaration from his birthday regardless because of the fact he does not care approximately you. he will circulate out without you, as he needs to do and gets exhilaration from his birthday. He merely needs in charge you for his habit because of the fact he needs out of the relationship and somewhat than manning up, he will blame you. you are able to desire to unload this jerk! return the present and circulate out with some acquaintances with the money.

  • 9 years ago

    ok i think he is wrong honestly. well you shouldnt have flipped out at him. if he had time to go to his moms house and eat dinner he should have had time for you. you were overreacting. so you should say sorry and then wait for him to say sorry also. hope this helps!!

  • 9 years ago

    no because you did work hard on it and he said he would pick it up. but maybe u shouldve been like okay well why dont u pick it up tommorow? something like that

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