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I don't know how to tell her!?

So, a couple months ago my best friend started dating this boy. He's really funny but he can be annoying. Anyways, she's loosing all her friends because she only spends time with him. When her friends, like myself, try to tell her something, her boyfriend is always standing next to her and listening. Before she even went out with him, she was with her friends like always! Now she only hangs around him. I try telling him to give her some space because at lunch they are always on each other and they won't talk to anyone else but each other. I really want to tell her to talk to him about giving time for her to be with friends and I understand they didn't have any classes together but still. I don't know how to tell her that she's loosing friends because of him. How should I tell her and try to help her?

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    give her time. shell eventually realize what she is losing. Especially when he leaves her for someone else.

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    Here are a few things you could try: (I was once in the same situation as your friend and this is what my friends did)

    1. Casually bring up hanging out. For example, when you're around her start reminiscing about some good times you two had then casually say "You know what? We haven't chilled in a while! We should totally hang out some day, when are you free?" And by FREE indicate NO BOYFRIEND.

    2. Talk to the boy. One day when he's alone just go up to him and give him the laydown. In as nice of a way as you can. Just say something along the lines of: "Hey, I know you really are about my friend but so do I. We haven't hung out in forever because she's always with you, so do you think every once in a while her and I could just have a day together to hang out and chill?" (if you want to do that in a group of friends, imply that as well)

    3. When worse comes to worse, do not be subtle. What my friends did to me was they pulled me aside, shook me, and told me to stop holding on to my boyfriend and hang out with them like old times because they didn't want to loose me as a friend. So, if it has to come to that, do it. Threaten with the loss of your friendship, if need be. Hopefully that'll scare her into agreeing with you (well not quite scare, but convince) And if it doesn't, then she's a lost cause and just move on from her. Sooner or later when they break up, she'd probably come back and ask for your forgiveness. Whether you will forgive or not is up to you.

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    Just get your own boyfriend, and you'll see. That's the way it is newly into a relationship, people can't see too much of each other. That's the way it goes. You friends need tio be the friend that you are and let her enjoy her guy.

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    Sorry to tell you this but the same thing happend to my best friend and we all told her she was losing all her friends but it only drew them closer together, in time she will get sick of being with the one person all the time and will come running back, thats what happend to me but it took almost a year

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    ok number one she doesn't want help right now. this happens to every girl when she had a bf, we tend to forget about friend time. it's just life, but they will break up at some point and then things will be normal again. It's temporary, believe me

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